Vojtěch Vavřín

Buster Keaton’s player

Still pictures > frames > moving pictures > movie.


“The first image depicts a ball on the left side of the frame. The second image depicts a ball on the right side. The images may be shown quickly, in rapid succession, or each frame may be given several seconds of viewing time. Once both images have been projected, the experimenter asks the viewer or audience to describe what they saw. Generally, audiences will claim that they saw a ball move from left to right. They did not, in fact, see this, but the cognitive process of perception links the two images in time and causality.” [wikipedia.org]

Buster Keaton's player - screen 01
Buster Keaton's player - screen 02
Buster Keaton's player - screen 04
Buster Keaton's player - screen 05