Vojtěch Vavřín


Závěrečný projekt v předmětu Real and Recorded Time, který jsem absolvoval na Union College, NY.

My final project is an installation and consists of a white model of television, a stand for the tv and a projector. I created the tv from foamcore. The display is made from backlit paper and I use it for the rear projection. My telecast is an online video streaming from the web camera placed on the top of the Olin Center (a building where our digital arts lab is located). The original purpose of the camera is to provide the university web site visitors an online view of part of the Union College campus. I "borrowed" this streaming and embedded it to my own web site, so I was able to work with that.

Some people are concerned about all the surveillance systems and CCTV cameras. I’m not. Although I appreciate their fighting for personal privacy, I’m not that worried about this. I don’t feel like I’m losing my freedom by allowing a few people to watch me walking around the city, buying clothes or withdrawing money.

The campus webcam is not CCTV camera, but the association with the surveillance is obvious. In my piece I work with the idea of being watched and I’m trying to transform it into something you can play with. "Go in front of Olin and perform for your friends…"